Monday, October 10, 2011

I Am Dead

Some time ago, I walked the paths of the Devil, Tower and Death.

Since then, my father died, my friend Chris died, four or five people I know tangentially from work have also passed. I haven't been to work in five or six weeks because my back has been in severe pain. By my standards, the pain has gone off the scale.

My Gal (ex-gf) went through the same thing on her initiatory arc. Frankly, I am tired of death. I am going to walk the Path of Sagittarius tonight or tomorrow. I am done being in the tomb.

The above was written early this morning. The rest of this post is  being written at 7:00 P.M.

I did a little ritual tonight just like those referenced above. Simple, I meditated then I went to a purple candle in the west and vibrated the god name of Yesod nine times. Carrying the Temperance card, the card associated with the path between Yesod and Tipereth.  I moved to the east and vibrated the god name of that sphere six times. Carrying the card between the poles, I walked to each vibrating the archangelic name and the choir names in turn.

The only remarkable thing was the meditation. It was very solid. Aside from that, I received none of the imagery like in the referenced rites above. Perhaps, I am not ready. Perhaps, this was just a start. I hope to be reborn. Being dead isn't all that fun at the moment, even though I have been fascinated by the surrounding events.

Personal Note:

Long time readers will know that I had difficult time with my former coven. I am not going to rehash that here. I am going to say that over the years I have been very rough on them. In my opinion, quite correctly. Though now, I'd view that as lacking compassion. That doesn't matter at this point.

They viewed me as very wrong. Again, the reasons don't matter. The fact is they did. Despite that, they did a kind and compassionate thing for me recently. I wanted to acknowledge that and express my appreciation.

I believe that those who bitch about things are obligated to point out the positive things as well.

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nutty professor said...

I have heard that being dead is boring, consists of waiting out of time A LOT, and I am still not sure what the benefits are, save for the insights and cultivation of patience, resting, etc.

Is there a function to being Dead? Or is this an ongoing Lesson? If so, you kind of suggested that you might not be ready for (re)birth. Why is that?

Pardon if I do not understand.