Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Death

The Nutty Professor asked what the deal was with being dead.

In Golden Dawn parlance, the adept is initiated in the tomb of Christian Rosencrantz.

In the Golden Dawn Neophyte ritual, the candidate is referred to as the Inheritor of a Dying World. This refers to the illusory view we have of our own created reality. Over the course of practice, that world dies. Eventually, 'we' die as well.

This death is caused by that ritual breaking apart our elemental structure. Later, we have to restore those structures in a purified and balanced state. Once that is accomplished, a rebirth takes place.

The process has been very difficult. It was full of loss and gain. The ugly reality is all this work has still left some illusions to deal with. The beauty of it, is that every once in a while, the Divine, both inner and outer, can be perceived. On rare occasion, it can be shared.

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