Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cold Fear

Last night, I walked into the temple room and I was scared. The energy flowing through that place is unreal. The energy is dense, tangible. It reminded me of what I encountered when I was first introduced to magick when I was eighteen. The person that introduced me could make me feel that or did things that allowed me to feel that. I could tell you stories about that guy but every experienced occultists wouldn't believe me. 

This morning, I figured it out. 

The work I am doing with the LIRP is making what used to be ethereal tangible. The energy is humming very close to the earth. It has an entire different feel than when I rise up. This energy is coming down or started down. This is like the energy of the goetia in its denseness. Yet, it isn't malevolent in any way. 

 I have to be honest. I am intimidated by the intensity. That said, I am going to continue with my plan. I am going to invoke these angels of the elements internally, Chassan (air), Aral (Fire), Taliahad (Water) and Phorlak (earth).  I am not going to deal with them as external. They are part of me. Part of the Universe. 

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