Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dirty Temple

I haven't been doing a lot of banishing lately. I have done a lot of invoking the elements. I have also participated in a direct connect with my mentor's temple for a private ritual. Prior to all that, I've done some meditating and healing from there. Though, the room hasn't been used much in the last couple of days.

Just before going to bed tonight, I popped in just to see how it felt, not good. It was out of balance to the earth side but dirty feeling, unclean. It did not feel malicious.

I rang the bell to break up some of the gunk, hit the place with sage and banished with the LBRP (traditional style) and the BRH. I then used the active and passive pentagrams of spirit, calling on all the names. I asked that the place be blessed.

Spontaneously, I did something else. I circumambulated as I called the god names, archangels and choirs of the supernal sephiroth. I prayed to each fully conscious these names are not formulas. I asked each of them to bless the space in the imperfect way I understand each being.

The place is humming with energy now. Maybe too much for little ol' me. It is still a little heavy on the earth side.

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