Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am seeing some impact of the Manifestation Meditation in the process I am going through. 

Part of that process is aligning one's lower levels of the soul with the higher. The parts have to fit together. Some of the things I am experiencing internally have very deep roots. The are centered in adult incidents but  those incidents seem to have been made possible by issues that occurred much earlier. Think of them like rocks hitting your windshield. They cause damage that can't be seen. When cold water hits the windshield, it cracks. 

I am now cracked. Grin.

Once those cracks are filled in, perhaps there will be a greater level of manifestation. 

So why do we need to be cracked, exposed and repaired to do this? Beats me.

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Anonymous said...

Here are some of my thoughts, not a definitive answer but perhaps something to ponder.

Personal growth is often hard, whether driven through magical working or more mundane means.

We're here to help in rectification of the world (Tikkun Olam). That means we can be partners in completing Creation and give something back rather than receive, receive all the time.

As part of that rectification process we must also rectify ourselves. All the little things that we do accumulate and every so often the crack gets big enough that it's visible and must be dealt with.

Recently I was chatting with a friend who was going on a lot of dates hoping to get married. He told me that his heart was not really in it.

The story that I told him to help was of a woman who went on many, many dates. One man she dated had a serious weight issue and she broke it off by telling him that he was a lovely, lovely man but that they were not a good match.

A year later she sees his brother walking across the street and she asks after him how his brother is (the one she dated). He tells her: "It's me, we went on a date." He then explains that her positive feedback to him gave him the courage to lose weight and turn his life around.

At that point she realized that all the dates she'd been on had been opportunities to help other people rectify their lives, even if they were not suitable to marry.

So to cut a long story short... why do we need to cracked and healed? It's part of the rectification of Creation. We can either embrace it as opportunities for growth or miss on those opportunities.

I hope this helped and thanks for reading all the way through :-)