Sunday, October 2, 2011


I have noticed of late that a lot of old issues are being resolved with old friends. I have also noticed it doesn't matter which side was in the wrong. Things are just getting fixed. I find this very cool. It is like old relationships are falling into their proper places. Naturally, people feel closer to some than others but there is a sense of peace about things.

It would appear that my internal work reflects in the outward healing of others in some fashion. This is something I never expected and take no credit for. It is simply an observation.


I cannot work late at night anymore. It is often my habit to pop into temple before bedtime. I can only do that if I don't mind staying up an extra three hours or so. The energy is, well, energizing. Fortunately, the upcoming time change makes it easier for me to work earlier in the evening.

Earth Work

The Nutty Professor ask me about effective Earth work in a comment to the Pledge post.

I am sure this isn't what she is looking for but just in case I am wrong, here goes.

My first real introduction to the sacredness of the earth was from Jason Miller. He spoke of the chthonic gods and energies. One of his meditations involved drawing energy up from the earth as well as down from above. For me, this was one of those moments where the intellectual knowledge becomes heart knowledge.

Even though it took some time, that lead to me working with Hades and other chthonic deities. These are easily accessible through the Orphic Hymns.

Another way I am working with earth is through the elements. The five elements are very much earth.

Nutty isn't talking about any of these. She specifically mentioned Gaia and that denotes to me a holistic earth approach. I really have nothing to offer except my old standbys: Prayer and Meditation


nutty professor said...

Interesting. Was Jason Miller talking about bringing the underworld deities together with the surface-earth entities? or was it about drawing the energy of the earth up and merging that with the higher bodies in meditation?

Still not clear on the meaning of the pledge that was circulating: was it actually a binding oath? wouldn't that be more effective than a petition?

Yeah i guess you answered my question. Back to basics, prayer and meditation.

And well, if it is relevant, please update us with your work on the landscape gods, if you still do that. It might also be relevant. Thank you very much.

Robert said...

No, the part of Jason's work I used was just a meditation technique.

The oath circulating was just a statement of allegiance to the earth. I was just making a point about oaths in general more than tat specific one.