Monday, October 10, 2011

Manifestation Meditation

I am still working out this process. As I have mentioned before, the meditation tends to morph. I have discerned why.

My ceremonial magick work, I had to encounter various life situations in order to purify and/or learn the lessons necessary. With the Manifestation Meditation various meditations must be performed. I use the word must because while I start with the Manifestation Meditation proper, not only do these new meditations snap in over what I am doing (not in a mind drift sort of way) but circumstances seem to bring me the information I need to perform them. These meditations are slowly lining up my subtle bodies. I know this because I am a superior human being. Cough. Either that or I am just observing things and finding meaning in random events. Grin. I could also have obtained some understanding of the process.

Speaking of understanding, I do plan on sharing this when it is done. I have the introduction and first chapter completed for a book on this topic. These have been vetted by my editor and given the thumbs up. At the moment, I am writing the philosophical and ontological underpinnings. I may get that complete before the full result of this process comes to fruition. At the moment, I plan to keep it unpublished until I can make an honest claim about what it can do.

The second chapter is half complete in first draft form.

Currently, the Manifestation Meditation has morphed into using the Chakra system. I will post soon on what I am doing with that.

Personal Note:

I would like to use this space to say thank you to Bert Hansen. After my friend Chris passed, he retrieved an item of Chris' that I didn't even know meant anything to me. It meant a great deal. I thank Bert for realizing that and giving me the item. Thank you, Bert.

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