Friday, October 21, 2011

Things to Look Forward To

Yesterday was an odd day.

I had a long talk with my friend, Bert, had a cancelled therapist appointment and had a long talk with someone that is more important to my life that either I or she is aware of. Yeah, that last one is not going to be explained.

During my conversation with Bert, I had a minor epiphany about a completely unrelated subject. We do that to each other. My idea was this. Way back when I made a lot of progress getting rid of my obsession, I did so in a peculiar way. The Helpful Deity helped me to remove the energy trapped in my etheric body. Once she showed me how, I was able to pull the energy out and just brush it against a chain link fence. The substance stuck to the fence and was pulled out of me like taffy until it broke. Then I reached in and got some more. I immediately felt better. I am not 'cured' but to this day my obsession with that old traumatic incident is very manageable. If those thoughts pop up, I can be rid of them under five  minutes, often immediately.

I have always stopped myself in some way from astral projecting. I wondered if the barrier was hiding in the same way. A very brief meditation revealed two layers within me related to the problem. One layer related to the positive aspects of self-protection that I have put in place over the years, the other, the negative bullshit our psychology has convinced us is right. I was shown how to pull them out of me  in a similar fashion.

By the time I was able to last night, I was very tired but I did so. As I went to bed, I had many dreams. They were very short. Then I'd wake up and have another.

This morning, I was hit very hard by loving healing energy. Either someone did something very nice and effective or or I was able to accept the healing of the universe. I don't know.

I have been a bit better the last twenty-four hours but it feels more like a burying than a real healing.

Planetary Balance

Bert also helped me to draw a circle on the floor of my temple space with chalk. That circle was then marked at the points of the hexagram. This will let me orientate the points to invoke all seven planetary angels along with the the elemental angels.

I have planned this for some time but now I am seeing how this could bring some greater psychological balance and healing. Either that or I will blow my head off. So, if you see a small flaming object rocket to the sky from Central California you'll know that was yours truly.

The ritual itself is not particulary imaginative. It doesn't need to be. It only needs to be effective. I will post the details of the ritual once I get around to doing.

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