Saturday, March 10, 2012


You do realize that you are not you, right?

The you you think you are, have been and must be, is not.

The you that you think of as your I isn't your eye at all.

The things that hurt you cannot when you are not you but You.

Pain is not-youness.

Hope is less-youness than the you that is not you.

The pain that you carry falls away in the moment

you gives up and meets You.

you are dead. Only You live.

You never die.

You Love.


Have you read anything You did not already Know?

So why does you keep saying no, you know?

Because it takes a moment.

And moments are something that you will not let pass

you holds moments

you is defined by moan-ments -- possessed

moments mean less than you do

that you is not You.

Drop the moan-ments

Have a moment

Be for an instant

Let you pass on its way

You arrives right then

You were there

All the time

ALL the time






L said...

I definitely needed to read something like this right now. Thanks for sharing ~

Robert said...

Then may I suggest Be Here Now by Ram Daas? After I wrote this, I knew it had to be in part inspired by that book and some recent experiences.

Rose Weaver said...

This is wonderful. And I read this at just the right time. Thank you for sharing!

Frater Acher said...

Thanks for sharing, Robert! I guess you will also like Martin Buber's liminal "I and Thou"? It speaks along similar lines. He was the last voice of the authentic Eastern Chassids...

Robert said...

I don't know that one. I will look into it.