Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Manifestation Meditation Meets Theosophy?

Noam Chomsky points out that the standard for war crimes at  Nuremberg was any action they Germans committed that we did not. For instance, bombing civilians and submarine warfare was not as the U.S. did the same thing. The opening of the dikes in Holland was considered a war crime. Three years later, the US bombing of dams which caused much greater hardship and death was considered to be quite the accomplishment. My note: Stop for a moment and think of what bombing damns does to a people largely fed by rice.

Most thinking people would condemn this sort of hypocrisy if they could get their own nationalism out of the way. Yet, very often, we excuse negative acts if they further what we perceive to be our best interests. Thinking that says that if an action is wrong when a non-friend/non-ally does it, is just as wrong when our friend/ally does it is often condemned as black and white thinking by those that see in shades of grey. Grey is still black and white. What we need to do is see in color.

I am not sure that means anything at all.

The idea came to me as I did the Manifestation Meditation on what I fear about completing the book. I received that answer. The best way to share that is through the perspective of the 9th card on a Celtic Cross  tarot spread, hopes/fears. I fear both that the MM will have great impact and that it will not. This indicates a misunderstanding of the purpose of sharing this information. The point isn't the impact it has! Further, I am afraid of those that know me. For what I say in the book is not how I have behaved or believed in the past. I fear being seen as a poser or a hypocrite instead of one that is constantly changing. This is silly but most fears are.

Somehow during last night's meditation, I learned that what people do is not about me but about them. Inversely, what I do is about me not anyone else. We all express ourselves as we are. This is an absolute. I don't fully understand what I was exposed to. I can tell because I am having a very difficult time sharing this.

Basically, it works like this.

Upon the highest Qabalistic plane an impulse is emitted. As DuQuette explains, the concept may be 'rest'. The next plane down makes that idea a bit more concrete, "Sitting". The next plane down creates various ideas of forms that will allow us to sit. The earthly plan that creates a wondrous variety of physical objects, chairs, to allow us to sit.

I explain it like this.

The highest plane emits something like "self-expression". The next plane down creates an emotional need.  In my case, that need is expressed through direct forms of communication (spoken and written word) rather than, for instance, distinctive dress. The next plane creates the forms of how I do that with the written word i.e. blog and book. In the last plane, I work and produce these things.

In my case, I place emphasis on the emotional impulse created by the second plane. To me, this drives all human activity. Our thoughts merely give this impulse form and make rationalizations to explain something that isn't thought at all.

These emissions of energy each have their own color. In the power example, those that resonate with red are the same on both sides of the conflict. The compassionate man resonates with blue. He will be lambasted by the reds. This is more complicated because events emit more than one color!

The war above creates a red color but it is laced with blue as it creates an opportunity for compassion. This draws the red people and the blue people into symbiotic conflict. It forces a choice. Am I red am I blue? Do I truly express war or compassion? Oh my god, I am not red or blue but purple. Does that mean I am less pure but more whole? The multiple colors create many possible avenues toward self-discovery even if we do not realize we are learning.

I must admit that my visions of these emissions of color were a bit confusing. I know I don't have things quite right. Though, as I do the MM with the purpose of spiritual understanding which is the base of wisdom, I feel I am rending the veil of my own ignorance. There is something instructing in these visions. I am not sure if I have it a bit off or if I simply have not found the practical use of this knowledge. Perhaps, it is a way to compassion. Perhaps, understanding the reds to this level will enable me to assist those who are the emotional warriors into living with greater compassion. Maybe it is to leave things well enough alone. The human condition is what it is. I will exercise the wisdom my former mentor taught me, wait until things become more apparent. That said, when they are apparent, I will not be afraid to act, learn again and then act in a completely contradictory way once I learn something else.

I seek not consistency, only truth.

So what is the headline and image all about then?

Letters on Occult Meditation is the first book I ever read on esoteric matters. There was something in the plain blue cover with its small printed title that made the book more mysterious and attractive. It screamed in the silence. We are not marketing a book. We are sharing a truth.

Truths need not be shouted.

I don't resonate with theosophy. I included this book because it mentions rays of color and their impact. The example they use is how various rays influence vast cultures. The Asians are impacted by this color and that Westerner by that. Interesting stuff but not up my alley at the time. However, after my visions of last night, I was reminded of this book and my beginnings.


Anonymous said...

Further, I am afraid of those that know me. For what I say in the book is not how I have behaved or believed in the past. I fear being seen as a poser or a hypocrite instead of one that is constantly changing.

The only solution to this problem is to just not be a poser. If someone accuses you of being a poser, just let it pass. Don't defend yourself or get emotionally involved. Just let it pass.

Robert said...

As I said, I know it is pure silliness on my part. Most of the fears I have conquered and watched other people conquer on an occult path are basically silly. Others, oddly only equally as difficult in some cases, come from real trauma. That most, most of the time, our fears are pretty silly, once we uncover them. It is not knowing that gets you.