Saturday, March 10, 2012

Healing Others

"Promise nothing except to heal and that gratis" is part of the oath of the adepti or the Rosicrucian Creed. I claim neither but I do enjoy my humble successes with healing others. I have had a few interesting experiences with that of late.

The first is with my good friend and ex-girlfriend, My Gal. She was experiencing nightmares and backaches both of which she attributed to me

Her nightmares involved death and since she has seen so many posts here about my experiencing death in dreams, both my own and that of others, she thought these experiences were linked. I was dubious as humans always look for external causes for internal turmoil. However, I did the Manifestation Meditation and asked to be shown any link between us that could be causing this. I found a line of energy from myself and another from her. It was tied up in a knot with a third thing.

The energy was fiery. As I began to suck the air out it, I understood her nightmares had to do with her father going in for heart surgery. I wasn't sure what that had to do with me. She later explained that as we ended our relationship, I did something the day of or around that time that hurt her. So, she associated my painful actions with her father's very serious troubles. These tied up in a knot causing her nightmares. It has been a couple of weeks and no more nightmares have occurred. I have not had a dream about death either.

She claimed the same for her back as she thought she was borrowing my back troubles. Given that she can be a very compassionate soul, I thought this possible. I was more dubious of a firm link that may be helping this along. Once again, I was wrong. I saw two white cords meeting. Something wasn't right. They emitted a shower of sparks that was actually kind of pretty to see in a deadly sort of way. This was a connection of spirit and probably formed by the magick we had done together. I didn't ask its origins.

Dealing with spirit is not like dealing with the rest of the elements. You can take air out of fire to snuff it out but you can take nothing from spirit. I simple asked my soul to gently remove this connection. Her back problems have been fine for two days of heavy labor as she is working on her home.

I also worked on another friend. The first time she was simply in pain that I could easily relieve. As normal with my healings, she fell asleep. There was more pain of a different type the next day. She suffers from an illness that would do this sort of thing to her. When I investigated, I actually moved into a part of her soul that is cut off from the other parts. The details of this are private. However, I will provide an example that it took some time to make up as I had to find a trait I could use that applies to no one that I know. Had she been a thief, I would have received an image of her nephesch (animal soul) clutching on to  her stolen items, petting them and hording them in a cave.

I didn't want to do too much with this. So, I sat within her and radiated compassion. This may or may not have helped. I am leaning to no. I have considered helping further by more direct aid but decided that since she is about to start the Manifestation Meditation that she will be able to do so in her own time.  When she does so, I feel the symptoms of her illness will decrease or disappear.

Since these experiences, I have started looking for links that are interfering with my life. I have only found one and removed it.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

They say the best kind of healing that the healer can do is ego-free, with complete non-attachment to outcome.

I do not know why they say that, however. Healing is a creative, gratifying thing.

Very good detail here, thank you