Sunday, March 25, 2012

Humility in Compassion

There is a level of humility in compassion.

You cannot feel true compassion while feeling superior to another person. You cannot feel true compassion while feeling that you are more correct, have deeper vision, are smarter or anything else. That said that the most brilliant us can feel true compassion for the less gifted but you can't feel that disparity of gifts while feeling true compassion.

To reach anything even close to approaching humility. To come close to humility, I had to do something that at the time, seemed like arrogance. I had to say no. I know just as much as you do. Unconsciously, I operated as if everyone knew more about spirituality, magick and my spiritual path than I did. As if all these people had an insight I did not. Once I really fully believed my thoughts were equally valid, things fell into place in many ways.

While I have learned this long ago, it was reinforced. Feeling less than is just as much an ego problem as feeling better than. There has to be a level of sameness to grow compassion. The next step, once I learn this one, maybe seeing the extraordinary in every person. Knowing the importance of every individual may be the key to full connecting to the whole. There are no lesser parts.

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