Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soul to Soul

For new readers, the following is a list of terms that apply to parts of the soul as qabalists see them. For more experienced readers, yes I know this is an incomplete list.

Soul Parts

Greater Neschemah -- Immortal Soul
Ruach -- Personality
Nephesch -- Animal Soul (fight/flight and reproduction)
G'uph -- physical body

So over the last month or so, as I am meditating, I have heard one level of my soul talking to another about the third. Heard. Apparently, they refer to my nephesch as a female. Who knew? "She will react this way." Those are the only words I can remember. I know I have heard several more full conversations but I am not even sure the content of those ever really registered in my brain.

As previously reported, I have a lot of dreams where I am very high up and afraid. I asked the Greater Neschemah about this and was told that I didn't need to approach It for that. I just needed to comfort my Nephesch. I did so. A very frightened image turned into an infant in my arms.

I have comforted this infant several times since. I have noticed no discernible difference in me or my dreams.


Flower asked to do the Meditation to gain a position in her work place. Previously, her managment hadn't treated her all that well. She really wanted/needed that job because the hours allowed her more time with her child. She learned to "let go" of whatever she was holding onto about her employment. Today, she was told she got the job!

My Gal was going through her pre-employment physical and they found her blood pressure too high. She sent me a frantic text to help. I was out to lunch with my coworkers at the time but did the meditation for her right there at the time. Her blood pressure dropped and she passed that part of the exam.

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Jackal73 said...

I realize this is an "old" post, but I've just recently found your blog and I've been reading back. You talk about a number of very valuable and interesting things. Thanks!

Now to the reason for my response: if no one has pointed it out to you, in Jungian psychology he asserted that a person's unconscious is expressed as the opposite gender of their physical body. So the unconscious of a man is a female (the anima), and a woman's is male (the animus). (Link to wikipedia on the subject.)