Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Meditating Experiments

I have trying to carefully test and work out the Manifestation Meditation. I am amazed at the variety of spiritual persuasions I have been provided. So far there is:

A long time ceremonial magician, myself.
A long time witch, Flower.
A long time Thelemite, My Gal.
A long time practitioner of Voodoo, Nutty. She has her own book called Black Magic.
A Christian.
A relatively new Paganish-type.
A agnostic that does not believe in magick in any form.

Curative Powers

I didn't post about this but six weeks ago, I was told by a doctor that I would need surgery. His exact words were, "Those do not heal." He gave me 30 days of medication to see if we could get things calmer before surgery. I would be out of work three weeks. Given that I was out five weeks with my back around December, this I did not need. I did the Manifestation Meditation and asked that I avoid surgery. Two weeks ago, I went back to the doctor. He was very pleased to tell me that I didn't need surgery. All is well. He didn't bat an eye at the healing. This doctor has been around for a while. I was impressed because he was so very pleased that I didn't need the surgery.

So, Flower asks, "Why don't you do it for your back?"

Fear. This has been so long a point of identity for me. What would I do if I was healed? What if the MM didn't work? Pshaw! I did that they other day. I will keep you posted. (insert a bunch of weasel words here about why it may not work and how that doesn't invalidate the MM).


Melissa said...

I saw in an earlier post that you're currently testing this only with family and friends. I totally get that!

When you're ready to expand the circle, if you want to try with a more-or-less beginner, I'd like to volunteer. I've been reading your blog (for a year and a half, actually), and I'm really intrigued.

By the way, I'm also a writer and (technical) editor. If you need an extra set of eyes on anything, I'd be happy to help.

Robert said...

please click the email button and email me directly.