Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Successes and Failures with MM Magick

In my magickal career I have always been interested in healing. I have long remarked that if you can get on over the counter medication for something, I can fix it. In thinking about that, I'm not sure if it is true. Looking back, it is more like I can handle anything pain related. I've never been asked to cure a wart, dandruff or other things. So who knows? Maybe someday, I will have the opportunity.

It turns out pain takes on a variety forms. Yeah, like this is a revelation? I've done several things to help with pain lately.

The New Pagan

The new pagan is one of my MM guinea pigs. She is relatively new to paganism and really hasn't found a specific path yet. Her magickal experience, as far as I know, is limited. When we first became friends she revealed to me that she lives in pain just like I do. Hers is caused by a diagnosable illness.  Though, it is one of those that to my limit knowledge is medically a bit vague. 

I used the MM and relieved her pain. As usual, she fell asleep during the process. Last night, she reported that those pains have not returned. Maybe a week or two ago, she reported a different kind of pain, emotional. I found her Nephesch (animal soul) and offered it comfort. This resulted in some healing and allowed her the lift she needed to try the MM. She's had at least one destruct/rebuild phase*. 

Last night, she had a different type of pain. One of these pains was new. the other was flair up of back problems. I relieved both of them using the MM. She said it felt for a moment like I was 'fishing' around. I was. I was trying to figure out where I was needed. As physical pain can be a symptom of other things. All I got from that was the idea that I was ONLY to treat the physical last night. I did that. 

She then had some sort of emotional break through. I have no idea about what. She hasn't shared that and I have a feeling if I knew, I certainly wouldn't post it here. 


My close friend, Flower, texted me today. She is very intuitive/empathic and sometimes has the problems associated with that. Such as a very difficult time being near people in emotional pain. Such sensitivity is a blessing and a curse. 

Today, one of her coworkers is an emotional mess. Flower, has picked up on that and been crying at work. She knew I was home due to my back issues. Today, is a VERY bad day for me. I am loaded on Vicodin. She asked me to seal her up so she can't feel her coworker or heal her coworker. I chose the former. 

I told her that if I can help in this much pain and on this many drugs, the MM is the cat's meow. 

I used the MM and and boxed flower up so she wouldn't receive any impressions from anyone. Then I surrounded her with spiritual light in an effort to hide the fact she is boxed up from others. I don't want her to appear withdrawn and sullen. She reported feeling instantly relaxed. The knot in her stomach disappeared immediately. Flower will share more with me as the day goes on.

So, I may go back and try to heal her coworker. In the past, I may have railed against doing things against one's will or without permission. But really, who would not want pain relieved? Who doesn't want healing? If that is interference, I will take on that karma. 


I have another friend who suffers form nightmares, nightly. In the past, by comforting her Nesphesch (animal soul), I stopped them for one night. In the past, by seeing 'something' on the astral that may have caused her nightmares and attempting to get rid of it, I failed to give her a night's peace. Last night, without her knowing, I comforted her Nephesch and she didn't have any nightmares. 

I am going to make an effort to directly heal her Nephesch through more than just comforting. I have no idea what I am going to do but I know that something will occur during the process, if we both commit to this. 

This person, a long time friend, has started to the MM as well. 


Last night, I was in pain. I did the MM and tried to heal my back. I could have sworn I felt movement within my body that was more than a muscle relaxing. I'd have given it more than a 50/50 that my out of alignment vertebrae actually moved. 

From the above, you know it didn't have any impact on my pain. 

Failure II

This is not so much related to the above. 

We all fail. We make mistakes. We step on each other's metaphorical toes. I continue to learn the lesson that it isn't intentional even among people that know better. I have seen this in many cases regarding people that have hurt me. Looking back at my adult life, I can think of only once, maybe twice, where I think someone intentionally did me harm.  If there were other times, I do not perceive them as such.

I do believe that various people ought to have known better. Yet, I've come to understand that people get vapor locked into a mindset, or are permanently or temporarily locked into their own head to such a degree they cannot see what would obviously bother another.  Other times, they see it after the fact. The fact that they were so oblivious is so emotionally painful they just can't admit it. 

I find this quite sad. 

Naturally, I have had some reactions to people that are in similar situations. What I am learning is that almost every reaction is too narrow. I will not say 'wrong' but I will say 'incomplete'. People are so complex that even the errors we make should be treated with great compassion. 

This compassion also needs to be turned within. We must have such compassion for our own pain that we can compassionately respond to the mistakes made by others, even when they are against our own interest. Of course, we must be 'in the now' enough to avoid injury in the process. 

In the now means that someone's else emotional/social errors cannot hurt us. It is useful to remember that any words spoken, written or communicated in any form, were uttered in the past. Even in the midst of a conversation, what is said occurred in the past moment. Words do not instantly appear in your head. They must be transmitted and that takes time. Even if they did instantly appear in your head, the act of thinking about them, feeling the emotional impact of them and the like takes time. Therefore, even if the would instantly appear in your head, your reaction to those words means you're hanging on to the past. 

Someone who is in the present can avoid that. 

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