Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Am Happy

I Am Happy

The same person that sent me that chilling late night text message last week, "Help Me," texted me this afternoon and said, "I am happy." She had a break through in dealing with someone she perceives as emotionally manipulative. I called her and talked to her about the experience in hopes I could explain what happened here. I can't quite pin it down but that doesn't really matter. Something clicked for her and that is simply awesome!

Facing Fears

Another person reported today that she had another break through. A couple of events happened that caused emotional upset. We talked last night and she drew her own conclusions about their meaning and lesson. Today, she figured something else out. She had asked during the MM to help her get past her fear and anxiety. The next day the first of these events occurred. She has put it all together and realized the roots of her anxiety issues. This is excellent progress!

As For Me

I had an incident at work that hit my frustration issues. In my defense, I several things occurred that would have set me off much earlier. This time, I was much calmer even when I was frustrated. This occurred right before I went on break with my walking partner. I heard myself repeating my old self talk and she corrected me. The universe provided a perfect reminder.

The fact that I realized after the fact the many things that didn't set me off made me very happy. I don't mind the occasional reminder of what I was. I hope they are all this mild.

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