Monday, March 12, 2012

Proof is in the Pudding: Manifestation Meditation

A few weeks ago, I posted that My Gal refused to do the Manfestation Meditation (MM) as designed. She saw it as too big an initiatory experience for her to put her young family through. She asked me to modify it for a practical purpose. She needed a job and she needed it fast. Yet, she didn't want just a job she wanted THE JOB.

She did the MM. The next day she received notification that she passed a certification test in her profession. She'd been waiting forever to receive that. The day after, Texas accepted her California credential under reciprocity. A day or two later she landed a line on a job. She applied.

It turned out that job was something she did before. She was a member of the pilot project that determined the national standards for the work umpteen years ago. My Gal said it was her favorite job ever and that she was very good at it. She called it her dream job and was quite excited. She interviewed for the position.

Then nothing happened.

Last night, we talked about it and she stated how desperately she needed that job. She'd been doing the MM but she hadn't heard a thing. I volunteered to do the MM on her behalf.

I worked the meditation so I was literally doing it IN her and FOR her. It wasn't my meditation. It was hers. I learned that the process was blocked for two reasons. The first was that she was very fearful of not getting the job. She has a one year old to feed. The second, and this is so sweet, she wanted the MM to work so badly for me. She was hoping that I really have found the method of a lifetime. That hope really translated into a fear and kept things blocked. I simply got 'above' those fears as I did the meditation.

Today she learned, SHE GOT THE JOB! I am so thrilled for her. It was make or break time. Had she not held onto that fear, I'm sure it would have happened even sooner.

What is the Manifestation Meditation?

After ten or twenty years of Golden Dawn Style work, I developed a method that boils down all that work into a mantra/prayer that can be performed in under ten minutes a day. The mantra is Qabalsitically based.

At the moment, I am only teaching people I know and that is mostly local. With this meditation, I have seen people go through an entire Golden Dawn neophyte alchemical break down in a day and begin recombination in the next. This works very quickly. Is very powerful and sometimes shocking in its speed and effectiveness. Those that have gone through initiatory processes will understand that is incredibly fast. Had I not experienced this meditation, I'd say too fast.

So right now, I am experimenting with some friends and myself. I want to make sure I understand the nuances so I can teach this completely in book form. I am writing that now. I don't mean to sound like a teaser commercial. It just happens that is where I am in development right now.


Andrew B. Watt said...

The full phrase is usually, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating," meaning it doesn't have to look great if it tastes delicious.

It seems as though the MM does in fact have the ability to deliver results... tastes great, most fulfilling.

Yvonne Chireau said...

You did a great service by standing in her place with this ritual. This is of course what Healers do, it is a kind of empathy where one takes on the "stuff" of others. It requires a great love and sometimes great risk, however. You demonstrated that by dealing with the Fear yourself in place of the other person dealing with their Fear.


petoskystone said...

Congratulations to you & MyGal! Excellent working :) Looking forward to reading the book.