Sunday, March 11, 2012

Observations within a Bagel Shop

My weekend routine of a coffee and a bagel at Uncle Harry's was quite fruitful today but it really started yesterday.

I watched a documentary entitled Berkeley in the Sixties. I don't know why but watching things on sixties always make me feel more spiritual. Maybe it is because I was born in that decade, maybe not. I know I do admire the radical sixties people and their causes, for the most part. Later, I watched a documentary on Wavy Gravy. If you've ever heard the recording from Woodstock where someone says, "What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000," you've heard his voice. In my opinion, Wavy Gravy is the Fool in all the best ways. He is G-d upon earth in all Its, albeit human-limited, beneficial forms. These shows returned me to reading Be Here Now by Ram Daas. I love that book. It simply elevates my spirit by pointing out all the traps, in free verse form, I fall into along with my fellow humans.

I sat eating my bagel, drinking my coffee and not reading Be Here Now, which sat pleasantly and unassumingly on the table next to my steaming cup.

My gaze fell upon a family of four. I marveled at the lightness of the aura of the children. Their vibe is so different. The impulses that drive them so unpredictable. This is such a joy! It is also the part of life, human unpredictability that drives me insane. Then I was saddened at the heaviness of their parents. Responsibility! Life Trauma! Insecurity! Tension! Forced Predictability! I immediately relaxed all the muscles in my body that I could.

During this time, I did the Manifestation Meditation. The visual that comes to me as the Greater Neschemah normally appears above my head and encompasses me. This time, it started in the center of my brain and unfolded about me. The little boy looked at me with a puzzled expression. Then he turned back to his bagel.

When they left another group arrived of two women and a man. The man went off to the bathroom and the women gathered chairs around a table. There was a moment of joy when they assembled the table and they realized there was enough room for their party. Imagine that! Feeling such joy over something so commonplace -- chairs around a table! This joy put me in a good mood. As they sat, they immediately descended back into their adult scene, a scene these people have relived again and again. He read the paper. The two women, obviously friends, chatted. It was but a play. A scene. It wasn't real like the joy they had experienced a moment before. Their chat was personal yet robotic, the earthly state of being, drab grayness disguised as a good social interaction.

That scene reminded me of the plays of life. We interact in a series of plays, vignettes and character sketches. The same play unfolds each time because are little self is the author.  There may be a lesson of spirit here but we are not the Living Spirit.

Life has repeatedly told me of late that I have spent so long trying to BE the Living Spirit that I put myself in a tiny little bottle as a method of learning. Contracted! Is this so I can explode later into a personal Big Bang? Is this what Ram Daas meant when he talks of the idea that you can't transform a caterpillar while it is being a caterpillar doing caterpillar things? One only sees a butterfly when the caterpillar is done with its caterpillarness. 

Through this I understood how humans are attracted to joy. I saw how the appearance of joy can be used as a tool of deceit as it makes us feel good enough not to look past it. I understood the Piscean joy of the moment that so attracts people to those of that sign. I understood how they reflect the joy of others and love having in reflected back to them and how they can be mirror for others' 'good parts'.  I also understood at an intuitive level how I reflect the parts of people that often need tossed into the alchemical athanor. People do not see their fears in me. Through my virtues and faults they see what they must let go. They fear giving up those things that they will eventually transform. I can't do anything about what they see. I can only do something about what I say. For words make the process more harsh.

When I get to the point that my own transformation is joyful rather than work, harsh work, or frustratingly slow, things will change.

Weak Spots

Magick works via the path of least resistance. To that end, I am creating weak spots in my life.

  • A weakness in the direction of unfolding the Living Spirit (immortal soul)
  • A weakness in the barrier that prevents living joyfully
  • A weakness in the barrier that keeps me lazy
Manifestation Meditation

My working partner, Flower, has taken up the Manifestation Meditation. She is doing it for a specific and very import cause. However, she is experiencing great joy and a connection with her spirit simply by doing that meditation. She reports she has felt cut-off from her spirit and has never experienced such an easy way to connect with it before. 


The other day, I posted that I thought the results of a healing were dubious. That person reported a break through yesterday! I know what I did helped her do that. I am thrilled for her! I bestowed a gift of opportunity and she grabbed it. How cool is that? 


Susana Aguilar said...

I just will ask a stupid question. What it is the Manifestation Meditatio? Is there any link where I can get some info about it? I just have read what you say in your posts about it and I am becoming curious.

Robert said...

Hello Susana,

Thank you for the question. It isn't stupid you'd have to have read quite a ways back for the inception of the Manifestation Meditation. If you read the next post, halfway in, I tell you what I can at the moment.