Friday, March 23, 2012

Loss of Words...

Dear Reader,

I must confess that I am getting to a place where words fail me. This has been a space of opinion and posts about magick. Most of you joined with that in mind. There is very little of that now. I don't need magick. Oddly, I have few opinions anymore. While this did start out as a demonstration of "doing the work" and I suppose it still is, demonstrating that feels trite and a bit arrogant.

I could report that I had a very peaceful night spent alternating between meditating and reading a work by American Buddhist. While that may matter to me, to you, it is likely a snore fest.

I could report that the Agnostic texted me today to say, "Nothing has changed but everything is different." While that is a splendid thing, without knowing the agnostic, I'm not sure you care to read that.

Writing on my conflicts inner and outer is easy but how does one write on peace? And if I did, would you, the reader, really want to read about that?

I am thinking of writing a brief copyrighted pamphlet on the Manifestation Meditation as I am getting a lot of requests but I'm not sure how that would impact the future publication of the book.

-- Robert


williamorem said...

Your most profound experiences and realizations are ahead, for others benefit please don't stop documenting your practice.


Lavanah said...

As much as I would like some of the details on the Manifestation Meditation, I suspect you would be better off NOT creating the pamphlet. Patience and learning to wait is not a bad thing and you don't want to annoy your publisher.

Robert said...

Bill! I had no idea you read this space. I hope you've been well.