Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Short Note on Manifestation Meditation Progress

Tonight, I had a discussion with one of the people doing the Manifestation Meditation. Before she arrived, I did the MM so that I would be of service to her. What came out was the beginning of a prayer that I will start any such sessions with. Basically, the idea is that the prayer will invoke everyone's relationship with their spirit while not trying to control how anyone's else's spirit manifests or what their lessons are. The wording will need a bit of work.

The agnostic took another concrete step today towards solving her problem. This time, a situation arose,she noticed and took immediate advantage of it. Bravo!

I mentioned a while back that I'd do the MM to help my back. I did it once. So far, it hasn't helped. I will make a more concerted effort in that direction.

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