Sunday, March 4, 2012

Soul Boundaries

My concept of the soul is represented by the triangle. This idea comes from the supernal sephiroth of the tree of life. The three, which form a triangle, represent the Greater Neschemah or the Immortal Soul.  Secondarily, it also represents the manifestation triangle often used in evocatory magick. That is a bit of a stretch as that is usually want we used to control unruly forces but it still fits in my work.

It is not the soul that is unruly but the lower levels of the soul, the Ruach (personality), automatic personality, the Nephesch (animal instincts) and the G’uph (physical body). The triangle of the soul contains these forces when we let it.

Yet, we can do things that outside of are soul nature. The soul nature functions like an electronic dog barrier. We all wear an emotional collar so to speak. When we cross outside of our soul’s boundaries we experience pain. Like physical pain, emotional or spiritual pain tells us when we are out of place.

For instance, I had a horrible thing happen in my first group that was very painful. Not only that but that group punished me for that incident without telling me why. My personality is such that I have to know why. So, I begged and pleaded for answers. The response was silence. This turned into a pathological problem. Even had they been 100% right, the need to know why and trying foster a relationship with the various players, was quite painful. In large part the pain was because my methodology sucked but on the other hand fostering a relationship with people that have no obvious problem doing that kind of damage is not very smart. Certainly, if they felt an error was made, they would have said so, made an apology and even tried to resolve the interpersonal issues created. None of that happened. I tried anyway.

Now the soul has bigger plans than this but within this situation it looked like this:

When I stepped out of the boundaries of the soul triangle, pain resulted. One suffers in the wilderness.

Recently, I learned facts about that incident, as the result of the Manifestation Meditation, which cleared up the last questions. These factual things indicate some social mistakes I made at the time but demonstrated the less than healthy behaviors on the part of the others. These behaviors range from the sociopathic to those that are simply of the Nephesch. Private admissions of these actions cannot be made. I do find it quite sad that the unenlightened one, myself, can admit my errors and the illuminated cannot.

As a result of these last pieces of information, which have been trickling in for some time now, I have learned the name of some of my soul boundaries as they related to teachers, friends and other relationships. That looks like this:
But what you say, this is psychology, not spirituality. I respectfully disagree. Religion teaches us the rules for living. Psychology teaches us why we can’t live up to the rules. Spirituality realigns the soul so that religion and psychology are not necessary. The spiritual person simply Is. 


Anonymous said...

>I had a horrible thing happen in my first group that was very painful.

For no longer being obsessed with this past event, you sure do write about it a lot.

♥Be Well♥

Robert said...

You are 100% right. On the other hand, what is coming up now are the lessons needed from that event rather than railing against it. There is also no emotional pain left from it.

Shrug, the thought pattern is just habit now rather than pain-driven. I hope that makes sense.

Rose Weaver said...

I experienced a situation very similar to what you describe. Your continued writings about your experiences and what you have learned are a way to process and grow from it, and in addition, pass on the lessons you've learned to others. I do the same, and for what it's worth, I appreciate your writings.

As for your statement: "I do find it quite sad that the unenlightened one, myself, can admit my errors and the illuminated cannot."

It seems to me this makes you the illuminated one.

Robert said...

Rose, in many ways I am illuminated. I am learning that my spiritual drive alone puts many people off.I am going to post on that soon.

The sad part is that I value these people but for them to not be able to do that at this point, given all they are and all they have achieved is quite sad.

The original commentator did make a very good point though. It is still part of my thought process but as I pointed out, I am learning about things now in leaps and bounds rather than experiencing impotent rage.

Ila East said...

I don't always understand what you are talking about, but I always enjoy reading what you post. Thanks.

Robert said...

Sorry about that. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. Most of the time, I will clear it up for you.

Tiffany Horton said...

Without knowing details I experienced a probably similar thing with a group last year. I experienced a great deal of pain that took me time to process.

Recently I have been told that I still focus on these people/events a lot, but I agree that there is a difference in revisiting the pain and in revisiting the experience in order to learn lessons.

I knew I had gotten over the worst of the incident when I was able to think of the people involved without feeling the pain. I am still working on some things as I have yet to be able to be with these people in unexpected social situations without having a bit of a freak out. If I am expecting their presence then I have been okay. I hope I can get to the point where I fully forgive everyone involved.