Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To Love What is Behind

Last Night, I went to a mindfulness class. We meditated in various forms for an hour or so. The instructor mentioned that it is helpful to watch your thoughts as an observer. I am not exactly sure how to do that but in trying I had an interesting experience.

The Agnostic that is doing the Manifestation Meditation (MM) is a near shut-in. She is a great human. I know her personally. She has a lot of emotional issues. In fact, it was these issues that brought her to perform the MM. Around 11 PM one night, I received a heart-breaking text message. "Help me," was all it said. That night, I taught her a mindfulness exercise and the next I taught her the MM. She did it that night and had several emotional epiphanies. Since, she has taken two concrete steps towards solving an issue and a host of little emotional steps as well.

In walking to lunch today, I was proud of her. She didn't stop doing the Work just because she emerged from her crisis like she has done in the past. I was fondly thinking of that when I decided to observe. I realized my warm fuzzy feelings were created by me taking credit for the MM and her progress. That realization dropped a veil. What I felt next was pure love. It wasn't the love of her personality, her progress or my efforts. It was a love for the Being behind her personality, the agnostic's awesome soul. This love I held for three or four minutes as I walked. It was truly a beautiful experience.

MM results

Today, I learned that My Gal and Flower both received official official start dates for their new jobs. Score two for the Meditation.


Anonymous said...

This made my day. Thank you. ♥

~The Agnostic

Morgan Eckstein said...

One of the tools that the esoteric Orders use to help one to observe one's thoughts is the secrecy oath. Because you have to watch what you say, and essentially what you think, to avoid breaking the oath and revealing things bound by it, it forces you to start observing your thoughts.