Friday, March 30, 2012

Some Results Yesterday

Today I am focusing on writing the book.

However, I need to record that yesterday I had a person break through of sorts with a personal trauma. I see an event from a perspective 180 degrees differently than before. While that is still 'unreal', like any move  between polar opposite points must be, the perspective is very positive instead of very negative. I am not at the balance point of the continuum but this is a much better and internally healthy place to be.

Also, once again I did the Manifestation Meditation for a third party. Once again immediate impact occurred. This time it was at the emotional level. A series of small breakthroughs occurred within an hour or so.

I am becoming a healer.


Anonymous said...

I honestly do not know if you are being satirical or not, but I hope you are.

Robert said...

What do you find objectionable, if it wasn't satirical?

Yvonne Chireau said...

Of course you are becoming a healer my friend.

You are one already. I am beginning to think that is the point of all magick.

But i wonder sometimes if we need for others to need healing so we can fulfill this role.