Thursday, March 8, 2012

Departing with Class

The folks over at the Way of the Rabbit have parted ways with Z. Budapest and posted this very nice departure letter. Frankly, I don't agree with everything but who cares? They obviously spent a lot of time working on a public statement that would not be offensive. Further, they made a point of honoring Z. Budapest for all her contributions. They also made the point they cannot change the mind of another.

I can't help but get the sense that they tolerated a lot from Z over the years and the public embarrassment over the last year or so was simply too much for them. Perhaps there is more here. Perhaps, they simply grew past their founder or away from her. There is no crime in that. They held on as long as they could until the Universe forced them apart.

Frankly, it looks like they healed from their "patriarchal" traumas and didn't need to play that particular game anymore. Good for them! And good for Budapest that taught them how.

I see such clear analogies with my departure from my mentor. Though, allow me to be very clear that I am not embarrassed by him in anyway. I give due honor to what he has done for me and others. I acknowledge his superior magickal skill and knowledge. However, I also acknowledge myself, my healing, my learning, my growth and a host of other things that necessitated a departure. I bring him no shame as a student or former student.

The relationship had grown toxic. The dynamic was not healthy. I think he has some learning to do on why I left. I have some learning to do as well. I find no shame in that on either end. That is part of the alchemical process.

While I am sure he is hurt now, just like Budapest may be, I think in time he will see this is for the best and hurting was not the intent. Too much of our interaction was based on an event that neither one of us was going to budge on. The odd part is that a great deal of information has come to light recently. People that had kept their mouths shut are no longer. I find that quite fascinating. I also find it fascinating that I feel I could have been told most of this information years ago and been just fine with it. I also find it fascinating that the topic is beginning to bore me.

I don't regret what I did but I may have been able to do it a little better. Though, I will not claim to have done it wrong at all. So, I would like to acknowledge the former Amazon Tribe for doing what they did with class. They could have been ugly about it but chose not to be. They did it with class. Nice job.

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Andrew B. Watt said...

We all leave mentors eventually, I find. And it's part of the process of growth and development. Sometimes they leave us through death; sometimes we leave them through complications; sometimes we learn what we can from them.

I find that there are old mentors of mine that I can summon up in my imagination even thugh they're not dead. And then I can 'evoke' from them (using it in an ordinary rather than magical sense [although what does that really mean anyway?]) the advice they would give from their Higher Self, if they could access it in real-life interactions.