Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New Church...Tell Me It Isn't So

Today, was quite odd.

I attended my niece's confirmation into the Catholic Church. Normally, I enjoy the energy the priests whip up but this time, there was very little. The spoke a bit about what Jesus said of the holy spirit. This really fit in with my philosophy, if you squint. I will look more into that.

My brother-in-law's sister's husband sat next to me. He is quite educated in Christian matters. I asked him about the meditation I developed and how it would be viewed by Christianity. He said that it is so far from the modern mindset that it isn't antithetical.

At the reception, I ran across a person I used to work with. She asked me what I did and I just came out with the fact that I was pagan, did Ceremonial Magick and was writing a book on meditation. This is a big deal for me to be that caviler about it. She is good friends with many people I still work with which could be a problem. Maybe. Maybe not.

Her response was great. She suggested places to go with regard to learning deeper forms of mindfulness in Fresno. We have read the same Buddhist books. I was pleasantly surprised. This may have been a result of last night's work. I tried to really get emotional about the goal of the meditation. I added a bit about receiving ideas from others.

Scary Moment

In church, I had a thump from my Immortal Soul. I know that it what it was but I'm waiting on this one. The  message was that I need to start my own church. Yikes! I don't view the meditation as a religion at all. When I left the Golden Dawn groups I thought I was out of the woods as far as running a group. Running a GD-style group was something I didn't really want to do but felt obligated. So, I tried. Wrong.

This is an entirely different thing. Teaching the MM is scary because it works so very well. I am going to wait until I see some sort of direction before starting such a thing. If that is what I am supposed to do, it will take a while.


I have fallen off the wagon a bit when it comes to eating better and eating organic. I have noticed I have become more cranky. I will go back to being a soldier for the cause and see if my crankiness abates.


I am developing ideas on how the Greater Neschemah (Immortal Soul), the Ruach (personality), Nephesch (animal soul) and the automatic personality work together. When I flush it out, I will post.


It is getting harder to pour effort into this space. Hence the reason my posts have been short and choppy of late. This is just likely a phase I am going through. I enjoy blogging.

Edit: It is likely that someone reading this post, will represent the 100,000 time that Doing Magick has been read.


Scott Stenwick said...

It seems to me that if the Kabbalah Center can build a multimillion dollar global religious empire based on teaching people to meditate using the 72 names of God, there's no reason to think that you couldn't at the very least start a church based on your Manifestation Meditation. You have a lot more genuine spirituality there that there is in, say, tying a red string around your wrist. Or, for that matter, than what most mainstream churches are teaching these days.

Robert said...

Thanks Scott. I am glad to see you are still reading.

It simply seems pretentious on one end. On the other, 'clergy', teachers and the like tend to be the focus in such things rather than the spirituality. I am not sure I am up for that.

Yvonne Chireau said...

a church? or a lodge? or something completely new and different?

...what about a House of Healing?

This is very exciting!!

Andrew B. Watt said...

I've gotten the "start your own church" thump a few times; I've held Druidic circle in my house, started a lodge group working GD style magic, and even served as the lay chaplain at a school for a good number of years. None of it stuck. The most important temple I've ever built is the one in my own house, the one under my neighbor's stairs, for a congregation of exactly one.

Robert said...

Andrew, this is what I'm saying! This message could mean "seek not value in the work of others but your own" as much as anything else. It could also mean working externally as a church. It could also mean both. More data is needed.

Andrew B. Watt said...

Happy to help you collect, collate, and understand data in this regard. I find the biggest challenge is that there are just not enough people around who want to do this work, in any form. They're perfectly content to let someone else do it for them, as long as they get to watch and participate along the edges somehow.

-- Andrew

Robert said...

Hi Andrew,

I am not sure I understand your offer.


Anonymous said...

Are you absolutely certain that those were the words of your Immortal Soul, and not your Ego's interpretation of a message from your Immortal Soul?

Here is a potential alternate interpretation of the same (hypothetical) message from your Immortal Soul: The spiritual path you seem to be defining would be helpful to many people and might therefore eventually become the basis of a Church.

Notice how this panders to your Ego. Now how might your Ego react?

I don't say this to tell you you are wrong, and I don't say this to tell you what your Immortal Soul "really said" (how could I know that?) I'm just reminding you how powerful your Ego still is. You have not fully harnessed it. Keep your eyes open for its twisting hand.

Robert said...


You are of course correct. I know the thump was from my soul. I know that like I know a phone call from G-d but nterpretation is a tricky thing. I am in magician mode on this. Thinking about it but waiting for more before I am silly enough to go in that direction.