Sunday, July 1, 2012

Healing Updates - Starry Soul

Since I have been working with the Starry Soul construct my healings have improved.

My Gal was having serious issues with her chronic liver problem. She had been throwing up for two weeks. Once she finally told me, I did my normal healing technique only asking both of our starry souls to help. The beginning went as normal. Then I was take up a level and saw something else. Where 'up' was, I have no idea. Was it a different soul body or a different perspective? I know it didn't feel normal.

She woke up cured the next day. She has had no liver symptoms at all for a week or two now. This doesn't mean her tummy issues just disappeared. ALL of her issues have disappeared.


I worked on friend with diabetic neuropathy. He has been in extreme pain for many many years. He is a tough man and despite extreme pain seems to lead a normal life. When I was in that much pain, I could not do that. I admire his tenacity.

We were out on the disc golf course and I could tell his hands were hurting. I did a healing and he reported no pain at all. His golf game dramatic improved instantly. That was a nice confirmation. People can be polite and tell yo they feel better but there is no way to fake that.

During the healing I told him his legs were the hardest to get to and I didn't feel I did much good there. Later in the evening, his hands and shoulders were still painful. I then worked on him through distance healing.

I sent him a Facebook message asking how he felt after. His reply was that he felt no pain at all. Further, his right leg had been swollen prior to my working and was normal after. The working took less than five minutes. His son was there and confirmed the before and after.

His only complaint was some tightness is his left calf area, a very minor issue compared to the rest.

I wish I could make a living healing people. It is so much more satisfying than my day job.

EDIT: I just worked on a friend with an sinus headache and a personal issue. At first blush, I didn't help much with the sinus headache but calmed down the emotional state caused by the personal issue.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

I wish I could make a living healing people. It is so much more satisfying than my day job.

Of course can and you will. This is what the "New Age" is. It is good that you are still growing and changing.