Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Book Project Returns

I have tried and tried to write about my epiphany regarding the very bad thing. I just find the history of it so disgusting that writing about the positive is just distasteful. I am sure that I will get it out soon. I think it is important to record.

The upside is that last night, I did the meditation and finally know it is time to redouble my efforts at the book. This realization was what I needed to move on. I can now write to share. I have nothing to prove to me, you or anyone else. There is a certain state of mind I need to be in to the write the book. Such has been shared with me and such I will do.

I think the realization will allow me to be a bit more free with my writing, my life, my ideas. However, the realization is not healing. Some things do not heal. You just learn to live with the hole. Doing that, allows for joy to co-exist. I am accepting of that.

Aside from that...

My soul reading tonight was cancelled.

The moment of healing my difficult case experienced yesterday, turned out to be very fleeting.

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Homelight said...

All I can think of is "Bird by Bird" said by Anne Lamott's dad when he was telling her brother how to get his paper done. I have found if I set the clock for 15 minutes and just write it helps get something down on paper - bits and pieces will end up in the prose. Good luck you will push through.