Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Healing a Heart and Healing Visions

It has been a while since I posted and I have a lot to talk about. I am going to take things one topic at a time, you may see several posts today.

A close friend's father is having heart problems. The doctors tried to install a pace maker but it didn't work. I popped in to heal him and something odd happened. Normally, I integrate all four qabalistic worlds into my healing work. This time I was 'told', 'directed' or otherwise guided to back the heck off. I only brought my greater neschemah and entered through the world of water.

I looked at his heart and energy passed through me creating two pin points of light above and below his heart. They were very bright. Then, in no uncertain terms, I was 'told' to back off. Frankly, this was the most guided and the most subtle work I have ever done.

I went back the next day and was guided to use the same technique. This time, the little dots of light appeared one by one in rapid succession. Soon it was like looking at city lights from a great distance. Then the heart area was simply covered in light, bright, star-like and healthy.

That was at the same time he was going into surgery. The surgery was successful and a defibrillator was installed.

With pain and sleeplessness, I get direct results through  the reports of the clients. This time, there is no way to know if I was able to help but I feel the healing work was of value.


Last night, I had three volunteers in my living room. I looked at two people with various types of diabetes. I saw no common link but I did have some success. I compared healthy nerves to those of my friend with diabetic neuropathy. I am going to try to create healthy nerves on the astral and see what I can do to create a healthy set for him.

For the other diabetic, I could see how the insulin was not being absorbed into his body. I looked at the healthy person and saw how that worked. It is my hope I can help his body absorb insulin better.

Lastly, I am going to experiment with medical marijuana my friend uses. I am going to skry the drug and see if I can create the same feeling of relief in him without him needing to smoke it.

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