Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good News/Bad News

From the department of good news/bad news. 

Here is the good news. I wrote about the healing of the person with diabetic neuropathy. I saw him tonight. He reported his arm is just fine. He is experience no pain whatsoever. This is the first time his arm has not hurt in 25 years. He legs were much better as well. I still have some more work to do on those. 

It put me in a great mood to be of such use. I know what pain feels like and to relieve it for any time at all is pretty cool. To give someone relief that has been in constant pain for 25 years is more than pretty cool. It makes me feel pretty damn cool.

The bad news is different. In order to get to the point of doing that, I get wide open. It feels like I am just focusing on the person. I think it is more than that. Perhaps as a result of that, I am finding that I am having emotional swings. I know all the regular readers know I am an emotional guy but these emotions are different. These can change on a dime. That I am not used to. 

It is not a huge price to pay. In fact, if it stays at this level, it is no price at all. If it gets worse, well, I will have some stuff to blog about.

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