Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Healing Work

I took a break from healing because it was tiring me out. I am back in the game now.

A soul reading done the other day revealed a need for a lot of healing work. When the person is ready, she will come talk to me. I already have a plan that I feel will be effective. She thought the reading itself was solid and effective. I am hoping the reading itself brought some healing as it often does. Though, in the future, I am going to suggest people have a box of tissues at the ready. People tend to cry during soul readings.

I worked on someone today with a very serious physical problem. His wife noticed immediate improvement. The nature of said illness is not something I can disclose in this space. This sort of improvement is of benefit to both the ill person and his wife and makes me feel good.

I have twice successfully reduced a pre-diabetic's blood sugar levels twice. However, that needs to be a more permanent solution.Though, his blood sugar has been reduced by over half and holding, he is still too high. I am going to schedule an exclusive week for this guy and see if I can hold it down daily for him. That sort of treatment may make the reduction more permanent.
I am in negotiations to work on someone with spina bifida.

There are some posts coming on how to heal and what I see but I can't get to those yet.

There is also a post coming on the epiphany I had on the very bad thing. It is hard to write mostly because I am so disgusted by even thinking about it. Given that a lot of that trauma has been documented here, I think it is important for me to finish it off.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

I am glad to see you again on the blog.

You work like a man who knows that time is short.

peace and strength