Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soul Sangha Meeting

The Soul Sangha meetings are for those locals doing the manifestation meditation. We meet to discuss how the meditation has impacted our lives. The basic rule is that there is no debating another's perception of their own lives and how their souls are talking to them. We can advise, discuss, point things out, praise, question and the like but not impose our beliefs on another.

This allows Pagans, Christians, Wiccans, and non-declared to get along swimmingly. Something has struck me about these meetings. Everyone has been honest. There is no shame in who we are or what we are learning. I have heard these phrases:

"I am afraid."
"I did..."
"I have been overwhelmed..."
"My mother..."
"My father..."
"I have to confess that..."
"I do not see this working..."
"As a Christian..."
"As a Pagan..."
"My relationship with..."
"I poke badgers with spoons."

I have seen people stop before saying things that made them uncomfortable. I haven't seen anyone engage in defensiveness, lying or other negative forms of hiding. Further, I have never seen a judgmental expression cross anyone's face and I have been looking for that, without announcing I am doing so. In my mind, that is deadly to the process of unfolding.

One participant texted me later to say that it was a "B.S. free zone."

This is the behavior I expected from the various spiritual groups I joined but didn't see. There are times the group openness has me quite emotional. It isn't want anyone says. I know it sounds callus but I have heard it all over the years. I am not overwhelmed by anyone's life stories. I do have sympathy, empathy and/or compassion for them. What makes me emotional is the complete acceptance of the group regardless of who is there and what is being said.

When someone who arrived fro the first time last night spoke of what happened to him and his success, everyone on the room was smiling for him. That is unreal! In other groups I have been such statements were viewed judgement, skepticism or disbelief. Yes, I was as guilty then as everyone else. Here I am right with the positive attitude.

These people are experiencing life changing events in an almost casual manner. I honestly believe they are instantly better for the experience.


Yvonne Chireau said...

I am so happy to hear about this group. (See your March 18 2012 entry.) All is manifesting as it will.

I am honored to be a part of what you are creating.

Robert said...

Thanks. I am glad someone is paying attention to what I write! (Kidding). It was interesting rereading that one. I have new ideas to fold into that and other ideas to remove.