Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Soul Reading

I did another soul reading last night. She was a tough read or she was hiding stuff. I am going for the former. Her fears and issues seemed to have no cause. I am not going to type more on her. I am not sure I have permission.

I was able to introduce her to a new god that is connected with her. Her research bore out that connection.

 She also had a headache. I was unable to cure that.


I received a huge compliment on a private Facebook group yesterday. I merely helped someone sleep. However, her honest viewpoint of things made me sound like some fictional wizard, complete with visuals.

If I was reading it from a normal viewpoint, I'd have been pretty impressed. To me, it was meh, as far as the description went. The compliment fed me ego a bit but not much. I tried to turn things into a joke to diffuse the compliment. That made me feel like I was being unfair to her experience. I thought I was being humble but maybe not.

I am not uncomfortable with this but I don't know the best way to react to things like this. It will not be the last time.


I am getting some requests to heal some very big issues. I am more afraid of succeeding than failing.

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