Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back from Break

This week I am coming back from my break with a vengeance. I performed a soul reading and a healing last night. I have a tarot reading tonight. Tomorrow I have another healing to do. Thursday, I will perform a soul reading. 

I am taking Friday off.

I am not sure I will post about that soul reading. I do not know the person well enough to know their comfort level. 

Today, I had such a major epiphany about those involved the very bad thing and how they interacted with me. It hit me so hard that it was hard to function at work for about an hour. When I went on my morning break walk, several people stared at me as I walked by as if to figure out what was going on with me. Sometimes, people can just tell.

I will post of the epiphany most likely tomorrow. I know I will have to craft that post carefully and I will likely not succeed in being circumspect enough. 

Note to Tizzy: I saw your question. I am not posting the comment until I am able to answer you. The unposted comment will serve as a reminder to me.

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