Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Different Sort of Day

This has been an interesting day. There is nothing earth shattering to report. 


Last night, I tried to go to my pre-diabetic friend and was immediately 'told' not to go. The impression I got was that his body could not take two such healings back to back. I do not understand why. His glucose level rose to 160 this morning. That may have been my lack of healing work or a slight change in his diet. 

I knew I was supposed to work on someone. So, I went through my list. I got 'no', 'no', 'no'. Finally, I started naming people I have never worked on. One got a very loud yes. This is not someone I'd approach without asking at all. I always ask. I would REALLY ask this person but I was drawn. I carefully did my work and departed. 


I felt three bouts of sadness from three different people. These were LOUD. I reached out in support via conventional means. The feelings did not linger in me. 

More Healing

I am scheduled to perform a healing again tonight. 


Yvonne Chireau said...

I really admire you. All this magical and spiritual energy, and you put it to service for others. I am seeing a lot magicians who have the power but it is all about themselves. Why is the path of the selfless Healer the road less travelled?

I am not blowing smoke up your a$$, and this is only a rhetorical question. Or maybe you are not that self-less at all, LOL ...in any event, it is pretty clear that there are lots of people who need your help. I send you appreciation for being willing to do this Work.

Robert said...

Your question was answered here: