Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Healings

After three rounds of disc golf this morning, yup that is 54 holes and about a five mile hilly walk, I was called upon to perform three healings.

The first was for My Gal. My last healing for her gave her three weeks with no liver symptoms. She was feeling 'ooky' today. I chastised her for not calling me. Why put up with that if you do not have to? I didn't work this hard to be of use to the planet just to play disc golf.

The cool part was that when I called upon our starry souls to unify. I saw us each orbiting a beautiful white star. Merging with My Gal is pretty easy and I think that was a sign of that. She has a lot of trust in me and it shows through the ease of healing her.

She reported that she felt much better immediately. Then she added that when I am done it feels like she has been given morphine. So, she tagged me with a new nickname that I really like, Dr. Feelgood. This goes right along with my all-time favorite, also given by her, the Good Frater.

I then worked on someone else. I am not sure he'd be comfortable with me posting here about that. The remarkable thing about that one was that long after I was done, I was sitting here watching the Dodger game and was him. Well, not really. I am sure you know that everyone has a certain quality to how they feel in their own skin. There is a mental state that is common. This isn't a thought or anything like that but a feeling of being. Whatever that is, I felt his while watching the game. I think he 'held on' to me a bit. I went back and broke the links again.

He reported immediate improvement.

Finally, I worked on someone with pre-diabetes issues. I ever took stuff out, 'cleaned it' and put stuff back in. He wasn't feeling poorly so I have no idea if I did him any long term good. He is going to monitor his blood sugar and keep me posted.

I am exhausted. This happened with soul readings too. It is the same type of tired. I just need to stretch these muscles a bit. The only way to be sure that I can be there when needed is if I push the envelope like this from time to time.

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