Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love and the Spine

As "My Gal" says, "If you had my head, these are the thoughts you'd need to entertain." I always loved that line. 

I have had a bad back week. I believe this is from three causes. I missed a chiropractic appointment. I haven't opened myself up to the MM or the painted talisman to make myself feel better because I am a dumb ass. And, I have a bad back. It will just go out sometimes.

Once this week, I felt emotionally fragile, near tears. The emotion didn't really have a name. It wasn't that specific but it was loud. The pain wasn't so bad except for in one spot. I have felt that emotional place before when it hurt in that particular spot on the spine. 

Today, I am in a lot of pain. That place in my back that caused the nameless emotion hurts but other places too. Yet today, I feel love for humanity in a big way. It is that huge compassionate love I have been writing about under the name compassion but compassion is too small a word.

There has to be something about the nerves in my back that can create different emotions. This one is pretty cool. 


Yvonne Chireau said...

Personally I think this has to do with your chakra system. Hell, EVERYTHING has to do with your chakra system.

thanks for documenting.

Robert said...

The spot on the back that causes the odd emotions is about at heart level.