Monday, July 30, 2012

Attainment and Life

Last night, I did the Manifestation Meditation twice.

The first was for a friend I am treating for prediabetic symptoms. His glucose levels are very high. Not long ago I sat him next to a healthy person and used astral vision to see how insulin was processed by his body as compared to a healthy person. I saw a yellow membrane around blood vessels that was preventing movement of what I perceived to be insulin from the blood vessels to the body. In the healthy person, that barrier was obviously permeable.

Twice now I have made the barrier more permeable for my friend. Twice the glucose levels dropped ten to twenty percent. Last night, something happened. Instead of looking at just one area, I willed that all the yellow membrane be more permeable. The insulin I saw as a near torquoise blue that was so beautiful as it seeped through the membrane. His entire body lit up and then I saw the Sunrise within his heart. It was flipping awesome.

Today, he reports that he awoke with his blood sugar at 105, nearly 100 points from its high and very near healthy range. I have committed to several days of consecutive work on him trying to make the changes permanent.

My Meditation

Once again, I did the MM for myself and simply asked for the next lesson. I was was told that  I needed a higher perspective or a high viewpoint, something like that. I was then shown an oblong white egg of light. Egg only describes the shape. It was vertically stretched to make it look less like an egg. the base was a bit above my groin and the top was just below my heart.

I quickly realized this was my life perspective. I had a girlfriend once that said I was the best man she had ever known because I always tried to do the right thing. The last part was certainly right. I have always tried. The right thing was contained within this egg. My frustration with others is they can't or won't see what is right, at least according to my perspective but that isn't what this was about at all.

I was given a choice. I could accept or not accept a different perspective. Yeah, some choice. GO!

The egg rose until the base was at heart level and the tip...was the third eye or above my head. It was hard to tell.

Suddenly, I was upon a desert cliff. The sand was reddish but not otherworldly so. There were a few small struggling plants that were more of a suggestion of plant life than anything else and a...sound. I often write about hearing on the astral. When I do I am speaking of things that sound like thoughts only they are not my normal thoughts. Or, in the case of Hermes or the Helpful Deity what I hear is the the voice of the 'other' but it resonates as a thought. This time I heard the waterfall just like you'd hear one in the mundane. The only difference was that it wasn't as loud as it should have been. I knew that was my hearing ability. If I had full presence up there, I would have heard it in full.

I was in some version of Aztiluth or a lower reflection of Atziluth...the world of creation...of fire. The water was the creation of water that is the world of Briah...Unity. I may have been in these microcosmic spaces or more likely I was seeing the landscapes of my soul.

I walked along the cliffs. I looked down at the water falling below me and I never saw a pool below. It just kept going. I was treated to several views of the fall, above, from a side angle and from the opposite cliff. I have no idea how I came to be on the opposite cliff. I was able to move across the chasm at will.

Last night, I dreamed I ate the world's best pizza. It was full of flavor and it was a delight. I have no idea what that has to do with anything but it was odd to have a dream where I experienced taste.

Today, from my different perspective the following happened...

I advised someone like I never have before. I saw the truth of her situation so clearly. Unfortunately, I am not sure I was of practical use but she saw the truth too.

Two opportunities popped up out of nowhere. One of them is certainly an opportunity worth pursuing though it would not bring all that much change. The other is a life changer of huge proportions. There was something in the meditation that told me to accept the coming change and its perspective. I think the latter may be it.

This just may be a serious ride.

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Yvonne Chireau said...

how tantalizing, Love and fortune be with you.