Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Hiding Nephesch

I had an interesting experience today. I had to pop into work for about an hour.

I met a man I could not look at. I noticed my eyes constantly averted. It felt like it does when you accidentally look into the sun. The turning away is instinctual. Once I became aware I tried again. I could not do it.

The realization that this was the same strategy that the murder victim nephesch used struck me. With that in mind I still could look only for a bit and turn away. I found this experience utterly fascinating.

There have been articles about criminals that had the ability not to be seen. I am wondering if their Nephesches had something to do with that.

Free Pain Relief

I am going to offer my services to relieve physical pain to two people absolutely free. The catch is that since it is free I am not obligated to continue forever. I will go as long as I wish to go.

To qualify, the person must be in some sort of chronic pain that has been diagnosed by a doctor. This can be anything at all including what doctors call 'soft tissue injury' (which means they have no idea) or other diagnoses some people think are dubious (such as fibromyalgia). Other 'hard' diagnoses also accepted. I will need to know what that diagnosis is. Pain relief medication is either undesirable or ineffective. A familialrit with email and the willingness to answer questions about the effectiveness of the treatment is required. Results (minus the person's name) will be blogged here.

The person does not have to be a reader of this space. Refer your friends or family. I am good with that.

Use the button on the page to email me.


Yvonne Chireau said...

I have read that certain fourth and fifth dimensional beings have mastered a kind of energy frequency that allows for their invisibility, but i have not heard it described the way that you do as "feeling" the energy, i.e. avoiding the are very conscious of these things, and it is as you say fascinating.

I wonder if it was a criminal, or something else that did not wish to be detected. Could you feel anything negative or was it neutral.

I love to study this stuff it is the ethnographer professor in me

Robert said...

I had the impression of more of a damaged spirit than a criminal. Given what I know of this person's occupation, I would doubt it was a criminal.