Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Lost Friend

No one has died.

About this time last year, someone was pretty much going nuts. I had a girlfriend and a woman I never dated, never implied I would date and flat out told would never date was very upset about that. She lied, bad mouthed me and a lot of other people and basically behaved badly. My friends rallied around me, told her she was out of line and that her behavior was unacceptable. These warnings were loving at first and as the months wore on became much more pointed.

At some point, some of these very same people called me short on something completely unrelated. In the later example, they were not picking who they knew best or liked better. They simply judged right and wrong. I have a word for that. I call it character.

In my opinion, this is what valued friends do.

  • If you are being wronged, they stand up for you.
  • If you are wrong, they call you on it while telling you they love you anyway.
  • If they are wrong and you call them on it, they consider what you have to say.
In the past, I have had too many friends that do not adhere to those simple things. They are welcome to maintain their other values, whatever they may be. I have simply decided that people that do not believe in the above are not my true friends. They are true friends to those that believe in other things. They may have those friends. My friends will place importance on the values outlined above. 

So, why did this happen? People need each other until they don't. It is as simple as that. It is interesting that I find it so much easier to let people go than to try to explain why I value the lines above. 

I have a great deal of gratitude for my friends that do understand as well as for friendship past. 

Is this post about magick? Yes, it is about the magick of no taught to me by WitchDoctorJoe. Though, when I say no, I try to use logic, persuasion and persistence in trying to prove my point. Joe's way is so much easier. 

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Tiffany H said...

I have to agree. Having gone through my own trials by fire as it were I found out which of my friends were true friends. Ive been lucky enough to find more since but it becomes very easy to let people go when they don't adhere to those priciples.