Friday, June 29, 2012

Jack the Ripper Victim

Some of you may remember that I did a soul reading and found the person to be a murder victim. I was stunned to learn I believed she was murdered by Jack the Ripper. I mean really, what are the odds? I first mentioned this person during this post, Tough Soul Reading. I also mentioned her in Hodge Podge.

She did a consultation with my friend Audra who has more experience with past life stuff than I do. They reached the conclusion that she was murdered in New York. There is some that belief that the Ripper moved to New York after the White Chapel murders but who knows? Audra suggested she build a memorial altar to the her past-life self. She couldn't do that as she was moving but she did it 'in her head'.

She reports her life has changed a great deal.

  • She can't remember dreaming in color before now. Her old dreams, few and far between and none of recent vintage, were in black and white. Now she dreams every night. Her dreams are long and in color. I believe she is willing to access the deeper parts of herself now and that accounts for being able to recall dreams.
  • She has always been a person that felt that she needed to hide. She is now engaging in activities that bring the risk of her being front and center. There has been no fear reaction at all. She is embracing it.
  • She is dating a new man.
  • When I read her she was sad and lonely. Now she says she is very happy with where her life is.
  • Prior to this people ignored her even when she was helping them out. Now she is receiving appreciation for her efforts.
I am quite pleased with these results. This is why I do the soul readings. 

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Yvonne said...

I don't like this stuff AT ALL. I mean it makes me queasy. You have heaps of compassion. One of my online friends channels the dead and engaged "Jack the Ripper," once your client might find it interesting. Ugh.