Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Soul Reading: The Subtle One

Stay tuned, the Subtle One is going to be my first guest blogger and write about what it is like to be on the receiving end of one of my readings. Look for that here soon. 

I did a soul reading for a friend of mine. He is one of two people in my life whose friendship is a tad surprising. Given our history, most people would have had problems with each other. We don't. I have another friend like that too. I suppose because I'm just that odd.

I may post about those two at some point. Heck, I throw the rest of my life out here and so far no one seems to mind.

So, I call him the Subtle One because of what I found. 

Nephesch (Animal Soul) -- The first thing I saw was a small round bridge over a small stream. The stream could have easily been walked across, waded would denote much more water than was there. They gully or moat-like structure where the stream made its home was a bit more formidable. Any child would have popped right on down, across it and back up the other  side but most parents would make them use the bridge.

The animal soul was dark, bipedal and didn't want to be seen. It was aware from the bridge inside the moat and facing inward. The soul was screaming. It was a painful plaintive wale, not unlike an animal that had lost a master or mate.

I did not enter the grassy area defined by the moat. Basically, it was its own little island. It stood before the landing of the bridge. I received the impression that the Nephesch was afraid to leave the island as his father had hit him when he was 13. The Subtle One's offense was doing some sort of damage to another person.

He did not confirm or deny this to me.

On the short patch of dirt between me and the bridge lay a white circle with a cross about the size of a silver dollar. This figure was basically a lock on the bridge. There is no way the soul could escape its island-like prison. I asked the Subtle One if I could remove it.

I should note here that I often tell my 'clients' that I will ask them if there is something for me to give or remove. However, I forgot to mention that this time.

The Subtle One hesitated. His emotion, though hard for me to name, hit me hard. Fear is not the right word though there was some. Reticence? Shock? I don't know what he felt but it was loud. Yes, I know that it is a contradiction. Work with me people!

He said yes. I picked it up and it grew into a clear shape, solid, unmoving but as I write I feel it was made of water, not ice. It reminded me much of a clear Oscar statue, humanoid but featureless. It was not sentient. This was the guilt and trauma of whatever incident happened at age 13. I set it aside.

The Subtle One told me later that he felt sadness at it's leaving and a cool draft of air. I may be misremembering this point but there was also some immediate relief. Now the ground on the outside of the moat was red much like the color of the vegetation in the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds. The Subtle One lived a rough violent life as a youth and this was the blood, pain and trauma of that. It was another barrier to the joining the rest of us. He keeps himself locked up fearing who he was and failing to remember he is not the person any more. He had grown.

A dirt path began to form as the red faded. The reading itself was healing part of him before my eyes. A dirt path began to form from the bridge past the circle of red into the rest of the Nephesch world. I almost led him out by that path but thought it was something he had to do. Later, he told me he felt much the same only he had to do things in the real world in order to do that.

The Automatic Personality -- I was immediately directed to Netzach and saw a small tree with peach blossoms. (Note: In real life, I could not identify a peach blossom from any other blossom.) This represented the pleasant distractions of desire this man endures. I use the word endures purposefully here.

I looked at Hod and was slammed back into Netzach so fast that it almost hurt. The wall was huge, stubborn and loud. It took a bit of poking around (from Netzach) to realize that the destractions in his life  stem from a the fact he doesn't want to maintain focused thought.

I realized he feared Mercury (the god) but then I think he really had a fear of Mercury (the planet). Knowing that, I slipped into his Hod. The figure inside Hod was very similar to the figure that was born from the circle and cross in the Nephesch but no longer watery, more solid and yet mercurial.

Focused thought would allow him to challenge his dreams into reality. If he doesn't, well then, he never finds out if he can be successful. I told him he had to speak his dreams out loud. He has to. Even if he can't to a person he must do it to a mirror.

I dropped down to Yesod and realized a great fear of the moon. I feel that whatever was there was part of his oathbound religion and stopped looking. I told him there is a big difference between fear and respect. He should respect what is there but not fear it.

Next, I popped into the Divine Personality (Ruach). Here I saw that same figure only of burnished metal. It may have been bronze or gold. This is what he is supposed to do! He is a writer of subtle things. He sees the darkness in others and can explain it to the rest of us in so subtle ways that we may learn. He is an author of books that take us into darkness, then crafts the ending in such a way that at the end we say, "So that is what this was about!" He can reveal the general darkness of humanity. Those little lies we tell ourselves to get by in the everyday that do so much damage to others.

He can do this for his friends too. The subtle one can, by trial and error, learn how to say things that only a week later land in our minds and reveal us to ourselves. He can do this so slyly that no one will blame him for what he reveals!

The Greater Neschemah was interesting. Here I saw a half-globe of light upon the land amid a night sky. Within it, stood another figure like the above only black. You see, we are never supposed to know the Subtle One. He knows us. He serves but revealing us quietly.

I am doing another soul reading tonight. I am not sure if I will be able to write that one up.

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