Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three Healings - One Night

The Pre-Diabetic

I had an odd realization today. 

I have been working on the diabetic. Last night, I sent a lot of healing his way. This morning, he reported  his blood sugar down to 130. During that time, I directed the disease to be permanently cured and thought nothing else of it. Then I took a clue by four to the back of the head. 

I asked what the problem was getting the insulin absorbed, was granted the vision and the ability to get it absorbed. I failed to ask what caused the problem! Sometimes, I am a dumb ass.

Tonight, I am going to go back and ask that question. I will post the results.

Emotional Healing

This was for my friend The Psychic. I am not going to post about it. 

Back Pain

I also worked on My Gal's back pain. I saw a physical cause that I cannot cure yet. I have seen it in others. I will work on that.


It seems to be that I am learning something important on a personal level. As documented previously, after the very bad thing, I assumed that I had done something horribly wrong or at least something perceived as vile or people that I was vile for reasons they would not express. No one would tell me the great secret.

In learning that, I realized that while I had made errors and the like. Yet the whole of the experience, the lion's share was not my fault. 

I spent a over a decade looking at myself and rooting out all that was wrong and blaming myself for every thing, bad thing related or not, that was unpleasant. I took very little credit for those things that went well. All I saw was fault within no matter how much I raged without.

Now, I am seeing lesson after lesson that there are many things that are not my fault at all. These things are the result of misunderstandings or other people's issues. Naturally, life is mix of fault, not-fault and shared fault. Just as it is a mix of virtue, non-virtue and shared virtue. That is not what I am seeing. I am seeing clearly the issues on the other side of the equation. 

It is enlightening because I am not in blame mode. I am not blaming coworkers or others for their issues but I simply note cause and effect. The trick here is removing myself from the equation. If I wasn't there, what would have happened? Low and behold, the stupid stuff would keep right on going! Imagine that. 

I know this basic to so many but to me, a slow learner, it is a revelation.

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