Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have long been a proponent of constraints. When working to manifest the soul, one must be constrained by its attributes; one must stay within one's virtue. This is not a moral judgement. What may be within your soul-nature may fall outside of mine. It is fine for you to engage in whatever behaviors fall within the virtues of your soul even though I may be barred. Of course, the reverse is also true.

As we live within such confines, we manifest the will of our souls. While it sounds counter-intuitive, living this way is actually a freedom unsurpassed.

Then again, there is a form of constraint I do not endorse. This is constraint by fear. I have done it. I believe everyone that has walked on the path for any length of time has had such an opportunity tossed into their face. Most fail straight-away. A few take longer. The consequences can be devastating and usually lead to the first serious deconstruction one faces.

No one should fault the seeker that learns from this but s/he that continues to shake and tremble at the flames and the floods and the shadows of the night, have no part in the divine light. Harsh? Yes but true. That doesn't mean one cannot return. Indeed, since everyone fails sooner or later, it can be no other way.

Those that pander to fear have so many reasons. These can come from dogma, social morays, the opinion of others or the memories of pain. There are many ways to rationalize and only one to pass through.

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