Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a Dream Post

As you know, I'm back to an astral projection kick. I realized through dream tracking that my dreams often occur outdoors. So, when I go outside, I am ask myself, "Am I dreaming?" It is my hope that I will do this mid-dream and have some lucid dreams.


Last night I did not need pain medication. That may have helped me remember some dreams.

There was some sort of practical joke that I witnessed. A person that normally goes out to lunch at work walked in with a full turkey dinner all to himself. This was a tv show type of event that wasn't all that funny. The work place seemed a bit futuristic, I am not sure why I feel that way, and industrial.

A different dream started at a point where whomever was looking for me got the drop on me but then I had to teach him how to stand and what to say.

In the same dream, there was also a scene in which I was the director of a movie. There was a test run of a stunt where two objects, maybe a robot and a man, fall from the sky. They landed where they were supposed to but there was no saftey equipment. So, they thudded straight into the ground. I said, "So that worked." This was like a movie of a movie and it had a Mel Brooks type comedy angel to it. Again, I didn't find it funny at all.

Since, the symbol I am working this week is air. So, I asked myself how these dreamy airy?

The first one only because it started outdoors in a green field. Only later did it move into the lunch room at the plant. The second because it was full of "jokes" that were so bad, even I didn't' find them funny. Also, the falling objects from the sky could be airy.

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