Sunday, January 15, 2012

Manifestation Meditation, Inner Peace, Dreams and Gratitude

Manifestation Meditation

This happened about about 10:50 AM yesterday. 

In qabala-based ceremonial magick, we are taught to build astral temples for each sephiroth. Those working in the earth grade build an earth temple on the astral for Malkuth, the tenth sephira. Those in an air grade build one in Yesod etc. I did the basic work but frankly, this did not resonate with me a great deal. I am not devaluing the practice. It is one of those that I fully recommend. It should be done. The result is practice and very useful. It just wasn't a big deal for me.

Today, I was thinking of the Manifestation Meditation (MM) and suddenly an image popped into my mind. Here is my earth temple. I went to my meditation place and did the MM. My temple came before my eyes. I entered the vestibule of this holy place, walked down its hall and suddenly found myself above it and moving higher.

I continued with the meditation as I ascended. I felt love and peace. I was 'told' to make that feeling move to other areas of my being. It isn't' enough to have it in your head/heart. I then both 'pushed' and 'allowed' that feeling to reach into my belly, which held some fear. Soon, I was past that and moved the feeling all the way down to my feet.

In that state, I received a variant to the MM that I immediately adopted. Then, the most extraordinarily thing happened. I saw my spiritus mundi. The house of my soul. Within, I found a green flame that felt cool and refreshing like spearmint gum. Of this, I enjoyed while still performing the MM mantra. In this state, I found my sun.

Inner Peace

For all of you that struggle to find inner peace, contentment and a relegation of the past to the past, let me assure you that it is possible to find what you seek.


Part of the Stavish process is that after doing the meditation, you picture a symbol with you as  you fall asleep. The first week is earth, now completed. The second week is air. I am on my second day of air. I have woken up once or twice each night from a dream. I think, "oh, I will remember that." Of course, I forget but I do know that I am dreaming.

(Saturday/Sunday)I do remember walking through a city. There were no turns to make. I just had to walk straight up a street but it was a good distance. I believe I was there to investigate a case of child abuse. I am not sure if I was  law enforcement but I had an official reason for being there.  I do recall seeing something that hinted at sister/sister incest going on that occurred in the middle of some baseball-like game being played indoors. The hint was non-sexual more like a gesture or an intuitive leap from a gesture. The dream was not sexy in anyway.


I am grateful for Lavanah. However, whenever she reads this space and has found me down, with exquisite timing she sends me a nice little email of peace and reassurance It is like receiving a comforting hug from a dear friend. It is amazing to me that she can instill in me such a sense of being cared for with a few lines in a short email. She brings me peace when I need it most. It is more amazing because we've never met.

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