Monday, January 2, 2012

Doing Nothing is Surprising Effective

Have I mentioned that I am a Leo? I think I may have some where. Leo's are fire, direct fire. Wanna get burned? You can either do something we don't like, start an argument over something controversial like South American paper manufacturing in the 1800's, or take us to bed.

Leo's do things. We are creative. We are active. We do not sit and wait for the world to come to us unless you plebs need a royal audience. The problem is that at this point the trick is doing nothing at all.

During my dark night of the soul, I remembered by mentor's advice from before I entered it. Don't do that! He was referring to a specific type of magick. Pshaw. He should have said don't do anything. Someone wants to kick you in the shins? Let him. Overcharged for a candy bar? Just pay it. Wanna do magick? Don't. Simple right?

It may be fine to do magick from the void. Doing magick while you are void is impossible. If you manage to pull it off, you'll regret it later. You'll regret it even if it works exactly like you want it to.

Why? Because when you get to the right place any magick you've done from the void will get in your way. Three days ago the obsession was stopped. I wasn't in turmoil. The past seemed like a thousand years ago. I wanted to do something. I tried to read. Nada. I tried to do stuff around the house. Nada. I tried to write. Nada. I tried to hang out with friends. Nada. All I could accomplish was hour after hour of watching Netflix.

Now, without any effort at all, I am hearing my HGA.

I am laughing at bad jokes on shows like Bones, not exactly known for their comedy.

I am a bachelor. I either nuke dinner or eat seven digit food (delivery). Yet now I have a sudden interest in not only cooking my own dinners but buying most of the ingredients at Whole Foods. So far, what I've made has been quite tasty.

I am also working on a project that I have always wanted to do but simply didn't have the drive to accomplish. I seem to be driven towards it at the moment.

I guess the best way to put this is that at the moment I am not holding myself back. Because I am not resisting the Universe, it is just taking me along the current. Against all my Leo traits, I'm just fine with that.


Anonymous said...

I'm Cancer-cusp-Leo, and I'm definitely on the border between doing stuff and doing nothing. It's rather manic sometimes; at other times it's sit and meditate (code for 'stare into space'.

All the same, I recommend the path of cooking for yourself, even as a bachelor. Make a point of inviting people over from time to time, though. Cooking for two is more expensive; cooking for four is time-consuming... but being able to put food on the table for a feast in 20 minutes is an amazing feat of real-world magic. Consequently, it's worth learning to do well.

worsanos said...

I actually find this really funny because I'm an Aries and we're supposed to be really take-charge go-getters who shine in leadership positions, but that's not me at all! I find I get the best results by just going with the flow. I'm the guy behind the scenes telling people not to worry so much and that things always work out the way they're meant to. Sometimes, doing nothing is really the best thing.