Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feeling the Neschemah

The last couple of nights doing the manifestation meditation have been startling. I've basically been told that now is the time not to worry about my Neschemah manifesting, it always does, but to FEEL it do so. In other words, being intuitively where of its direct action. This, I think, we allow me to differentiate between my stubborn 'little will' and it's divine will. I am PERFECTLY content with letting my Neschemah rule my universe. I have all but surrendered to that. If you haven't yet, I recommend it.

There are also the things I want to do. Having received no direction whatsoever to the contrary, I will pursue that. The problem lay in telling the difference. Hence, the instruction I am getting on feeling it work instead of thinking about it.

Today, I believe I felt it. I did not like the message. I will need to feel that again before acting on it. If that is the correct message I am getting, not acting is not an option. I'd rather go with it than resist. Resisting such a force that you've invoked is a bit stupid and will lead to disaster.

Also today, my mood has swung about like a confused compass. This is not me. Normally, I am reasonably study given no other influence or come back to my center for the day quite quickly. Last night and today have been a different story. I am thinking I am learning to my Neschemah through this process. Maybe.


One of the people that I thought was going to take the Manifestation Meditation and run with it took one look at it, realized what it would do and said, "No Thank You." I'm not sure if I should be disappointed or proud of her.


I did not recall any dreams last night.

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nutty professor said...

Please explain for those of us in another tradition what exactly Neschemah is; if it is analogous to the Higher Self or the higher consciousness, then how does one become the Neschemah, are there exercises or ritual practices. Or is this another name for the HGA? If it is too much trouble to explain please direct me to a book. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in this as well.