Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Returning to a Practice and Dreams

As only the most long time of readers may remember, this blog started out with me working with the Mark Stavish masterpiece Between the Gates. I was trying my hand at lucid dreaming and astral projection. These things I can only do sporadically now. I am going to back to that practice as a gentle way of easing my way back into working.  I will provide more technical details in future posts about the procedure.

In the next section, I will outline some dreams that I believe are the result of the two nights' of practice I've had so far. Oddly they both involved WitchDoctorJoe.

Before I get there, I need to mention that my ability to study is coming back. I am using the insights that I gained from my previous experience to do a better job of studying. I have plans to seriously study Between the Gates and JMG's Geomancy Handbook. Stay tuned to these pages for the result. You'll know if I do a better job or not.

I am also closer embarking on the Manifestation Meditation again. I am entertaining the idea that I can use that as a primary practice and bring into my life whatever my highest soul wants and needs me to explore.


Sunday night's dream was of war. I was part of the US Army. The first part of the dream that I remember was of being in the back of a troop truck in an orchard very close the the front lines. A friend was next to me. I'd watch our advancing troops come around a corner and simply not being careful enough for hte situation. I commented to my buddy that they are doing it wrong. He agreed. I found this sad. There were even people trying to show me how to fire their weapons but they didn't know how.

My interpretation of this is my brain working through the idea that in the past I didn't look hard enough when turning life's corners. Also, that humans in general really do not understand the 'weapons' they possess in life. This knowledge would do most us much good. 

I then found myself attacking a weapons complex. I was in the corridors. Witchdoctorjoe was searching for his kids, which were being taken away by a woman that is not his wife. I found myself rooting for Joe while being on 'her side' of the conflict. Yes, this means I was on the enemy's side, rooting against them in Joe's case.

Suddenly, I was in the body of the leader of the enemy group doing a vibratory formula for Hitler! Now, I am on the US Side, in the enemies leader body, doing an adoration to Hitler and working to do it well! Holy smokes.

Upon that ebbing, I'm suddenly back in my role as a US soldier and noticing that somehow my adoration destroyed all the chemical weapons we were trying to destroy.

My interpretation is that I am playing with unifying complete opposites. Neither 'good' or 'evil' seemed to impact me at all. 

As I exited the complex I was able to find my personal keys, wallet and pocket stuff even though I knew the war had left my possessions back home unusable.

Monday Nights Dream was the aftermath of some disaster or war. I was in a suburban city that was mostly empty. I could see no destruction. Witchdoctorjoe was there and I made a variety of friends quickly.

Oddly, I saw about half a football team practicing. It was then I noticed I had encountered no women at all.

There was a hotel room we could sleep in but only two rooms were unlocked. It was catch as catch can. I am not sure why no one I knew utilized the homes that were obviously empty except that I had the impression of the stench of rotting food as whatever happened happened quickly. Maybe it was the idea of bodies rotting in the homes? (htat is an awake thought)

My interpretation is that right now my life is empty in a lot of ways because the debris left behind from my deconstruction hasn't fully decayed yet. What I have in my life is a lot friends that love me. 


The Faery Enchantress said...

Very interesting topic my friend, thank you for sharing.

Rachel x

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I just tagged you in my post of January 12. http://croneplace.blogspot.com/

I will certainly understand if you choose not to participate.

worsanos said...

I look forward to your posts on lucid dreaming and projection!