Friday, January 6, 2012

Healing Continues

My mind is becoming very clear. I can either think upon the topic of my choice or not think anything. The second isn't mystical. The mind set is one of an answer machine, "I am out to lunch, leave a message." This isn't bad at all. I am not in pain. I seriously think my mind is healing itself from tens years of PTSD/obsession. It simply turns off a bit. You could not tell by looking.

I am finding myself attracted to low level social situations now. I am not up for parties but having people around is a good thing. This is a bit unusual as I am not overly social. I think I may be becoming that way.

In the past week, I've offered my phone to someone that was out of gas. She said many people walked by but no one before me had offered. She didn't need to make a call though. Someone in a store should have a had a cart  but thought she could manage. I offered her space in mine until she could unload and make her purchase. She was relieved. It was cute they way she asked if I minded her putting a jug of wine in my cart. I also received a nice note thanking me for saying several 'right things' to my grieving co-worker. This type of behavior has always been in my heart but now it is actually happening. This is cool.

I am doing simple meditations at night again. These do not seem to disturb my sleep. I did, however, get to a very deep place last night which scared me a little. I am not sure why. I then dreamed of that same feeling only more intensely. This is the first time I have ever dreamed an emotion with no visuals to go with it. I find that perplexing and fascinating.

My long blogged about work frustrations seem to be disappearing. There were at least five potential problem conversations for me over the last two weeks. None were a problem. All were pleasant.

I have another chapter of the Manifestation Meditation book off to the editor.

I am still working on studying. I can't quite get there yet.

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