Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stavish Progress

Stavish Progress

Today, I was in a meeting with my boss's boss. I saw an ill-defined but obviously purple aura around him. I don't think I've ever seen so much color nor that large of an aura. I do believe this is the result of the Stavish meditation.


Last night, I had a removed dream. By that, I mean I watched the actions of others. I have noticed that I have this point of view for at least part of most dreams. I think this is a sign of greater perspective and a step toward being more lucid.

This dream was 100% removed. I watched a little brown man running around in the mundane world. He was causing trouble purposefully. This was not a nice fellow. This dream had a view like a sky down view in a low grade video game. This part alone made the dream fascinating.

My Gal told me the dream I reported yesterday was about her. She had some good points. She was trying to astral project to me and didn't get here. It could be a picked up on part of her. I don't know. This dream is was also about someone I know.

Pagan Blog Project

The pagan blog project has grown to huge proportions. Eighty or so blogs are posting on the project. There is now a list for each week's posts. This link is for the January 6 week. You can hit next for each succeeding week. If you're a blog reading addict, this is a bonanza!

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